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Land Rovers – Why Are They So Reliable

Why Do People Choose Land Rovers?

Land rovers have long been associated with a vehicle that is built to last and in many people’s opinion probably the best off-road 4 X 4’s on the market.

It’s hard to believe but as a brand Land Rover has been around for more than seventy years now, this is partly down to the fact that the parts like the Land Rover U-Bolts and suspension are so reliable.

Land Rover has a fine pedigree and you will often see members of the royal family driving them, as well as celebrities. They are often seen as a strong status symbol and in recent years have seen a huge surge in sales, due to the quality of the vehicles they produce they have become incredibly fashionable these days.

As a brand they have evolved a lot in the last 15 years, with new models like the valar and the brand new Defender and new updates to some of the older more traditional shaped models, this has proved a great strategy and helped increase sales of the vehicles. Alongside this, the age of social media, instagram and Tik Tok have also helped land rover become very desirable.

One thing that you often hear is how amazing a vehicle they are when it comes to off roading, as a brand they have been the choice of the British Army for many years and you will often see them if you ever visit famous army training places like Salisbury plains.

They have been likened to a tank or a workhorse of a vehicle and in fairness, you can see why people would say that.

There are other brands that are out there who also offer the capability to do off roading, but due to the history and how reliable land rovers are, in terms of sales they would be hard to beat which is backed up by the reliability of the vehicle.