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Things To Avoid When Renting A Car In Menorca

Renting a car in Menorca is a great option, especially if you want to go exploring the island at your own pace. With a car rental service, you don’t need to depend on anyone to take you to places. And that’s the reason why so many tourists choose car rentals.

To rent a car Menorca, you must have the required documents. Apart from that there are a few other things to know about the renting process. We have covered those pointers in the post below.

  • Prepaying for Gas

Paying for gas before you use it is becoming a popular option, especially for travellers. It’s seen as a way to keep things simple, especially when you are rushing to catch a flight.

But here’s the catch – unless you are sure you will return the tank empty or you are facing an early morning flight where time is precious, it’s probably not worth it. Even if they only charge you for the fuel you use, it still tends to favour the rental company because their refuelling fees are higher than what you would pay on your own.

  • Purchasing Insurance

Many people assume their regular auto insurance will cover them, but it’s not always that simple. Auto insurance policies vary a lot, so it’s important to check with your insurer. If you have what’s known as “full coverage,” chances are you are already covered for rental cars. Your main vehicle’s insurance usually extends to rental cars too, so if you have comprehensive coverage for your car, you are likely covered for the rental as well.

  • Leaving the Final Inspection to Chance

When returning a rental car, you often park it among others, and leave without talking to anyone. This process might feel unsettling, especially if you are used to having an agent inspect the car upon return. And rightfully so, many recent complaints against car rental companies involve disagreements over damage claims. To protect yourself, it’s wise to document the condition of the car with photos or a video as you do a slow walk-around before leaving it.

Renting a car in Menorca can greatly enhance your vacation experience, providing freedom and flexibility to explore the island at your own pace. However, to ensure a hassle-free experience, it’s crucial to avoid these common pitfalls.