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Different types of custom options to look for in an armored vehicle

Automotive makers are building custom made armored cars for customers, offering higher safety protection. The cars are designed to resist a range of attacks, starting from street or organized crime to explosive attacks.

Makers like Mercedes provide heavily armored vehicles, offering VR10 safety protection, while Land Rover also has customized steel-plated vehicles that protects against ballistic threats of high velocity.

Bulletproof glass

The windshield and windows of the vehicle is made from bulletproof glass. The glass is usually made thicker in dimension that it acts as a barrier protecting the occupants. The bullet resistant windows can resist a gunshot from any rifle or gun.

Road tacks

Armored cars can be fitted with a road tack dispenser that when installed, can boost your chance to escape a risky condition. The feature has been constructed to let the driver to remotely release tire getting damaged. It also releases appliances from behind the rear wheel to the road so as to stop the action of a next car.

External microphone

The armored sedan or limousine can be fitted with the external microphone, allowing only the protected communication to the outer world, so that you don’t even have to open the door or lower the car window. The microphone is usually fitted in or near door mirror.

Run flat tires

These tires should be able to carry you for fifty to seventy miles/hour as per the road condition. These are usually used in the dangerous circumstances to escape from any mishap.  Even when the tires are badly attacked, the vehicle should be able to drive a few kilometres at a required speed. The run flat tires are said to run an adequate distance when needed to leave or escape from hazardous place to a safer zone.

Electric shock handles

This operates with a power inverter, which converts the 12V battery volt to 120V power supplied to the door handles.  The shock handles are installed in a vehicle with shielded toggle switch for extra protection.

Smoke screen

It can be fitted on the car via smoke generator; the system heats a material (oil based mixture) to dissolve and then mixing the vapour with cold external wind at the preferred rate so that it gets converted into a mist.

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