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Do You Truly Need A Critical Illness Insurance In Singapore?

According to the health survey in Singapore, the death rate is maximum due to cancer and other critical illness because not able to treat on time. Due to lifestyle change and more pollution and stress, we have more health problems. To prevent this, we need critical illness insurance to protect ourselves from any severe illness and be diagnosed early, like cancer in the first stage, to prevent it before it becomes a major health problem. Now we need to think, is critical illness insurance worth it in Singapore. Treatment in critical illness is high and expensive, which other traditional insurance does not cover, which makes us financially burden after some time, but critical illness covers all these expenses.

  • Works as a financial support and prevent critical illness

Critical illness work as financial support because treating critical illness needs a lot of money and time. Suppose an individual diagnosed with a critical illness. In that case, it takes a lot of time or, sometimes, years from recovery like cancer in the first stage. During this time, the money spent on the hospital bill, treatment cost, medical expenses can come under financial crisis because a lot of money is involved when treating critical illness to stay protected before this situation comes. We can insure ourselves with critical illness insurance. It works as financial support.

  • Diagnose early Critical illness

Nowadays, the rate of death by cancer is high in Singapore. To prevent this, we need critical illness insurance today to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Before any bad times come, we can diagnose ourselves with a critical illness. One example is cancer in the early stage to prevent the disease before it worsens. Treating cancer needs a lot of money, and everyone cannot afford it, but when we insured ourselves under critical illness insurance, we do not have to worry anymore.

  • Support other list of critical illness

Having traditional health insurance will help us pay our hospital bills. However, when an individual covered under Critical illness insurance in Singapore protects us from other critical illnesses like heart attack, kidney failure, major organ transplant, paralysis, end-stage lung disease, end-stage liver disease, major cancer, heart valve surgery, and coma. Today in Singapore, the death rate of cancer and heart attack is high. We can protect ourselves under this insurance policy before an emergency comes, and we can treat this disease early-stage and protect ourselves.

  • Provides recovery expenses

The best thing about critical illness insurance in Singapore is it provides recovery expenses. When someone diagnosed with a critical illness, the person needs a lot of time to recover from critical illness. The cost of treatment, hospital costs, medicine, and so on will take a massive amount of money, making a person lose in savings or income. Still, critical illness insurance provides all the expenses till the time the person recover from the illness. It is insurance that takes care of our critical health and protects us financially when we do not have the money to treat this severe illness or diseases.

In Singapore, as per the Singapore government, every foreign domestic worker should cover under foreign maid insurance short form (FDW). To protect their health and from any financial crisis when there is a need for a medical emergency. It is mandatory for employers who hire foreign domestic workers to purchase and cover them under foreign maid insurance. Nowadays, the rate of infections, diseases and other health problems is rising in Singapore. To prevent this, we need to cover foreign domestic workers before anything goes wrong with several benefits when purchasing this insurance for our foreign workers and protecting them.

  • Protect foreign maid from personal accidents

One of the best thing about foreign maid insurance is it protects the foreign maid from any personal accidents when the foreign domestic workers covered under this insurance policy. Whenever there is an emergency, and the maid met with an accident, the insurance will cover all the expenditure regarding hospital cost, treatment and many more. Also, due to the accident, if the maid becomes permanently disabled, the insurer will pay a huge amount of compensation to protect the maid from any financial problem.

  • Treat other list of critical illness

When the employer covers their foreign maid under a foreign maid insurance policy, the maid protected from other lists of critical illness. It provides treatment early before any dangerous symptoms or infections comes. Nowadays, in Singapore, the rate of critical illness is a high example, cancer. If any foreign maid diagnosed with an early stage of cancer and the maid is under this insurance policy, all the treatment cost, hospital bills, etc., will take care of by the insurance company.

  • Provide wage compensation

An accident or diagnosis with a critical illness can happen anytime without knowing, but when the foreign maid is under this insurance policy in Singapore, and the foreign domestic worker cannot work. The maid will get wage compensation by the time the maid unable to work. The insurer will pay a wage compensation by the time the maid is not recovering because treating a clinical illness takes a lot of time and patience. It cannot happen within a few days like cancer or other severe diseases or infections. It protects the foreign maid from any financial troubles and helps them recover soon by providing all the medical expenses and treatment costs.


When it comes to protecting our health from any health problems in Singapore, we need critical illness insurance to protect ourselves and our family. Everyone needs to buy critical illness today because the rise in critical illness like cancer and heart attack is high in Singapore. The treatment cost is much higher than other medical treatments. To stay protected and also from any financial crisis, it is the best insurance we can have. Also, when it comes to protecting foreign domestic workers, we need to cover them with foreign maid insurance policies to protect them from any illnesses and any financial crisis.