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Efficient Cooling Alternatives That Exist In The Air Conditioner


Here are efficient cooling alternatives in the air conditioning system that can help in its maintenance and protection .

Solar Air Conditioner

These systems have the same operation as a traditional air conditioner, but they obtain energy from the sun. To do this, it has integrated photovoltaic panels to absorb solar energy and thus power the air conditioning system. When we talk about solar air conditioning, we can differentiate two types: hybrid solar and absorption.

The hybrid solar air conditioner has an aero-photovoltaic function. The main objective is to air-condition the home through an air stream that helps to cool the panel inside, and at the same time, this airstream captures the heat inside the plate and is driven into the interior of the panel. Home, passing through particle filters, ensures that the air enters the home clean, without dust or pollen, and heated. To regulate this air temperature, and for maximum comfort, a device inside the house combines part of this air, heated inside the solar panels, with part of the air inside the house or even directly outside. To ensure that the air that is distributed in the different rooms is at the desired temperature.

On the other hand, we have absorption air conditioning. This system includes a liquid that acts as a refrigerant. Its advantages are more significant energy efficiency, responsible energy consumption. It allows us to save on electricity bills and enhances the consumption of renewable energy.

Evaporative Cooling

It is a process that has been used for centuries as an air cooler. Its main advantages are its high energy efficiency, its safety, and respect for the environment. It is a natural process that is based on the use of water as a coolant. Thanks to this, it is possible to transmit to the atmosphere all the heat that results in excess in thermal type machines. The most common equipment that uses evaporative cooling is condensers and cooling towers.

This type of cooling system also offers an exciting relationship between the cost of its installation and the efficiency it achieves. The initial investment is not as high as in other alternatives, and the recovery of said investment occurs quickly due to the energy savings it allows. Not forgetting that we can save on water consumption by up to 95%. All these are considered in the replacement service of the air conditioner.