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Essential Skin Products From Frenchies

Bulldogs are known to be man’s best friends. They are friendly and loyal just like all other dogs but what makes them different from other dogs is their less body hair and their cute shape. These dogs are no doubt high maintenance dogs and should only be adopted if the owner has the ability to give it all the comfort that it requires. Being a Frenchie dog owner you should be aware of how sensitive your dog is and the special care it needs. Just like their body temperature, their skin also needs some special skincare.

Skin products

French bulldogs suffer from skin issues and need immediate veterinary attention. They are also allergic issues and can easily develop allergies if not well taken care of. This allergy issue can make them uneasy and uncomfortable. Usually, they are a happy go lucky dog but in such scenarios, their sufferings make them grumpy. Frenchie owners can take certain measures at home to protect their dogs from skin problems. Some of the products that can be used are as follows:

Snout soothers

Frenchie has sensitive skin and their snouts are also very dry. The dryness of the snout leads to irritation for the Frenchie. To keep them in comfort, it is necessary to provide them with snout soothers that are easily available in any pet shop or drug store. But if the problem continues even after applying the soother, it is necessary to take them to the vet as soon as possible. One needs to keep their little friend in close observation to detect such uneasiness in them.


During summer, they lose a lot of water and needs to be continuously hydrated, if this bothers you and you are worried about your pet, you can apply certain medicated body lotions on them. It is important to keep their body hydrated along with feeding them water at regular intervals. Try to get a body lotion that has certain features like lotions that comes in a variety of fragrances and are easy to apply. Check for the most important point which is, whether it can keep your little pet hydrated for 24 hours by discharging moistening emollients.


When French bulldog goes out for workouts or just plays in the backyard with you, they lose out a lot of water, this requires to be wiped so that they don’t fall on their eyes and cause irritation. Getting some medicated wipes is a good option.