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In this article, the relation of Evaporative air cooler vs Air conditioner will be justified.  Everything that exists in this world has its an advantage, but there can be modifications to it, to get it better and also there are some tools or equipment that can be preferred over the other. So, an Evaporative Air cooler is a known tool and equipment that helps in the process of cooling the air and helps in regulating the temperature for ventilation. Evaporative air cooler vs Air conditioner are both used for Ventilation, that is modern temperature control. The evaporative air cooler is a modern developed means of cooling the environment and also the temperature. The evaporative cooler can replace hot air with cold air and get the temperature regulated, and as such, when it is in operation, windows are opened to allow the hot air to move out and to allow fresh air to come in, the air conditioning system does something different from that, as it recirculates the same air. Evaporative cooler provides the house constantly with fresh air, which means that at all times, fresh air is provided and made available in the house.

The air conditioner on the other hand has a lot of advantages that it supply and gives to the environment and the human also. Evaporative Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner has differences also, and the thing is that the Evaporative air cooler uses water to cool the air that is accepted from the environment which is hot air, and after it is being cooled, it is then circulated to the environment. In this case, the evaporative air cooler has more advantage over the air conditioner, because it is flexible to use and it is appropriate for in and out of season. The evaporative cooler uses water as a means to generate the air that will ventilate and reduce the pressure and the effect of hotness in the temperature.

It is important to note that the two equipment has the same functions, but doesn’t operate the same way, one has a better advantage than the other. So, they can be substituted, because air conditioners require a great number of expenses to manage it, while air cooling isn’t as expensive in management like air conditioner, also in the flexibility the evaporative air cooler is better because it can be moved outside to cool the temperature and also evaporative air cooler uses water as it.’s main working engine and while the air conditioner uses gas.