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Get a vivid idea on how to play poker

Poker is a popular gambling game, which people can play in brick and mortar casinos or online casinos. One such online casino is Judi Poker Online, which people can access to enjoy the games and win a lot of money. People should know the basics of playing the game on a website like Judi Poker Online after gaining experience, they can try the hard games. In this article, we will discuss the ways of playing the game.


To know the basics of playing the game let us first consider that the game is being played between two players. The cards used in this game will be a standard deck of 52 cards. Poker chips will also be needed if desired.

Rules of the game

Poker games like Judi Poker Online can be divided into two main categories, which are stud poker and draw poker. In the case of stud poker, each player receives five cards. In some games, seven cards are also used. Players need to check the strength of their hands and place bets accordingly by using the chips. The player whose hand ranks the highest wins the game.

In draw poker, five cards are given to each player and betting rounds start. The players get the option of replacing their cards with three cards from the deck in each round.

Actions are taken in each round

There can be three to four betting rounds in each game and players have the option of taking any one of the following actions.


In this type of action, a player can raise the size of the pot if he thinks that his hand is strong. The player has to call the bet, which is equal to the current size of the pot. After that, he can raise the bet.


This action is taken by that player who thinks that his hand is very weak and he will not be able to continue the game. He has to surrender the card and he will not get an opportunity to place the bet until the next game starts.


After the amount in the pot has been raised, other players can either raise the pot again or call the bet. If a player decides to make a call, he has to place the bet, which is equal to the current amount available in the pot.


If betting has not been started and a player does not have the option to call or raise, he can choose this option. The player will remain in the game but will not be able to bet in the current round.

The objective of the game

People can play games without chips and money so that they can practice them well before playing the actual game. Learning poker variants is very easy but mastering them is difficult.

Wrapping Up

This is how a poker game can be played. There are different betting rounds and the winner is declared after the last round. If only one active player remains, he is considered as a winner. If more than one active player remains at the end then showdown is conducted to declare the winner.