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Highlights On Real Estate Photography

It is undeniable that an image is the first thing we see of any product that we search on the Internet or physically. In the real estate sector, the same thing happens both on online portals and in offices, the first thing that a client looks at is the photos. If they are not good, you probably won’t even click on the ad or read the accompanying information. And is that one of the keys to real estate marketing is a good photograph.

Let’s see how we can increase our possibility of sale or rent just by taking good photos of the house, building or warehouse in question.

Keys To Real Estate Photography

To get good images of our home, you must follow a series of determining keys. I recommend the following:

  • Everything well ordered

If the rooms are not well arranged, the images can’t be attractive. It is necessary to take care of even the smallest detail and eliminate our utensils and any unwanted objects, also if the house seems somewhat more “minimalist” than it is. Of course, it is not wrong to give a touch a little “organic”, such as leaving a basket with fruit on the table, some nice pots or an umbrella and some open sun loungers on the terrace. Bringing the image to life always adds points.

  • Make the most of natural light

To do this, it is necessary to find out the time of day when the best natural light enters, which must be uniform, that is, we must avoid too much difference between light and shadow. If this happens, we will try to blur it by taking the photos from an angle where there is not so much contrast. If there are curtains or blinds, they can be used to minimize this effect.

  • Close the diaphragm

Closing the diaphragm to values ​​of f / 8 of / 12 will allow obtaining images with more depth, which is unusual in interiors such as homes or premises. In a large building or warehouse, it is probably not necessary, since it has large spaces.

This means reducing the focus, that is to say, taking “concentrated” and not full images as when we photograph landscapes and panoramas. You can learn more from