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How your business can stand out from the crowd and attract top talent

The success of your business is directly related to the talent it is able to attract. The thing with talent, however, is that it’s in high demand. You won’t be alone in trying to get the best possible candidates for your roles. 

This begs the question; how can you stand out against other businesses from a recruitment perspective? To some, the obvious answer will be to throw as much money at the problem as possible. This can be effective, but in today’s job market salary isn’t everything.

So, what can you do to attract top talent to your business? Let’s find out! 

Have a clean and well-presented Workspace

Your workspace will play a huge role in attracting new staff. After all, this is where people will spend the majority of their time each week. If you don’t have the budget or space of the tech giants of the world, the best place to start is by having a clean and well-presented office. This will show that you care about your staff and the perception of your business. A clean office looks great to candidates when you bring them in for interviews. 

Managing cleaning isn’t always easy when you do it on your own, which is why hiring a London facilities management company can be incredibly beneficial. They will maintain the standards and cleanliness of your office while you focus on more important things – like hiring the best new talent! 

Have a strong digital presence

Thanks to the internet, people can do plenty of research about your business if they are considering a role at your company. The good news is that you can control a majority of this content and present the best image possible of your business! Make an effort to have strong social media accounts (especially LinkedIn and Instagram), and post regular and valuable content! 

Celebrate your wins and your staff, share photos of team events, and offer thought leadership in your industry. All of this activity will showcase the strengths of your company, and advertise the environment prospective candidates could one day join! 

Offer flexible working

Thanks to advances in technology, many jobs can be performed almost entirely away from our desks. To stay ahead of the curve, and wherever possible, try to be open to flexible working. This will be very appealing to candidates and demonstrate you care about their needs. This will of course be dependant on the role, so use your discretion. 

Offer more than just a salary

Put together a job offer that is more than just a number. Offer the culture and events of your business, as well as any other perks you may be able to offer such as parking or a subsidized gym membership. This will help you to stand out amongst competing offers. 


Implement these strategies, and you’re sure to start attracting the talent you’re looking for sooner rather than later!