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Is wearing waist trainer helpful after liposuction?


After liposuction, you will definitely want to keep your midsection tones and sculpted. Well, a waist trainer is a good solution but should you wear it after liposuction?

It is important to consult your physician before you start wearing one. In general, a waist trainer can be worn after liposuction, but there are some precautions to keep in mind. Your body should be allowed to heal after undergoing surgery, so you should ensure to aid this procedure as much as possible.

If everything goes well with the surgery, your doctor will suggest a compression garment to help in the healing procedure. After your primary recovery, you should gradually start to wear a regular double belt waist trainer as a part of your daily routine.

First stage after-surgery

Instantly after liposuction, you will notice swelling around your midsection. Here you are advised to wear a light compression waist trainer. The compression will help to keep the swelling down and promote tissue re-adhesion in the recovery procedure. Compression also lowers the pain and fluid retention which will increase your healing.

A first stage Post-surgical waist trainer is designed to help in the procedure for approx. 3 weeks after the surgery. It offers support around the midsection and is larger than other compression garments. 

Second stage after-surgery

After three weeks of the surgery, you are ready to don the second stage garment. Make sure you talk to your healthcare provider. A second stage garment is just the same as a first stage garment and renders the same compression benefits. However, it is slightly smaller than the first stage garment.

Full recovery: 360 lipo foam board

If you want a full recovery waist training, then you should buy 360 lipo foam board. It is recommended for daily use after surgery and offers comfort, safety and quick recovery. It goes unnoticeable under any dress and is best to shape your tummy. The Velcro adjustment allows you to adjust the compression levels according to your preference. It makes the skin stick to the muscle after the surgery. 

How does waist training help in healing from the surgery?

After around 7-8 weeks, speak to your healthcare provider to switch to a regular double belt waist trainer. You can commence by wearing one during exercising and then gradually continue to wear them in your daily life.

Wearing a waist trainer helps to stimulate perspiration and acquire an intense workout. It is important after your recovery to strengthen your core and stay fit so that you are confident about your new body shape.

For best results, this is the best practice:

  • Ease your way gradually into your waist training regime. Your body needs time to adjust, after the surgery.
  • Start by wearing a waist trainer for an hour or so and then slowly increase time every day as your body grows comfortable.
  • You can wear it for two short sessions rather than one long session.
  • After a few weeks, you will be comfortable wearing it for 8 hours a day.

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