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Modular Kitchen Bangalore

Factors to decide the budget for designing a Modular Kitchen

There are always plenty of options to design your kitchen which will suit your space and household. You can always refer online for functional kitchen design ideas. However, there is one major aspect that limits your options and that is the Budget. The cost incurred to design a kitchen is one of the foremost parameters to select your kitchen design. Here are some of the factors which impact the cost of designing a modular kitchen.

  1. Kitchen Area and layout: Bigger the area higher the cost. It depends upon the layout; such as straight, L shaped, G shaped, etc. A straight layout and smaller area will require lesser fittings and simple designing and hence will less expensive. However, a G shaped or island layout will have more fixtures, appliances and expert designing parts, incurring to raise the cost.
  2. Countertops: The countertops are the basic requirement of a kitchen. The Countertops made of colored granite or Quartz, are expensive to the normal granite. People also go for marble top but being less durable and high on maintenance it’s a bad choice.
  3. Materials: Materials used for cabinets making takes a major chunk in designing a modular kitchen. Ply, solid wood, MDF and Stainless Steel are some of the materials used for cabinet making. Cost varies according to material and its finish. There are certain aspects we should see while selecting a material; like the durability, looks, finishing, drawings, paintings, etc. There are the most expensive materials along with materials on a lower budget. Mostly plywood is used in designing the kitchen. These are also of different types and prices. Like Marine Plywood, commercial plywood, normal plywood, etc. The Marine one is costlier than the commercial one.
  4. Fixed Appliances: Appliances are the most costly thing to get in built-in your kitchen. There are so many appliances which you could get in built-in your kitchen. Buying it separately will cost higher for buying them at once. However, one should always zero down on what all appliances could be purchased with the allocated budget. Appliances like Hobs, Induction, Chimney, Microwave oven, Griller, Fridge, Dishwasher, Water Purifier, RO, Chiller, Cold storage, etc. When you get all these appliances inbuilt it saves time, money and energy. The designing part also remains intact without bringing in much change required for later to accommodate newer appliances.
  5. Fittings and Fixtures: The fittings are the essence of a Modular Kitchen. The more you go for trendy and stylish fittings the higher you need to pay. Fittings like Drawer inserts, Drawer Dividers, Rollout Cabinets, Pullout Pantries, Open Shelving, Glass Shelving, Pullout Trash bin, etc. Making the budget for the only essentials if the budget is low or else one can go for all the accessories at a good bargained price.
  6. Tiles and walls: Selecting the tiles and walls is another cost to be incurred in designing a kitchen.

Besides all the above providing a finishing touch to the kitchen is another expense. So, the overall cost to design a Modular Kitchen Bangalore provides you an insight into the cost to design a kitchen.