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Overwatch League after Role Lock

Professional Overwatch Scene is now shining brighter after the role-lock update. Right now DPS players in OWL are using the main feature of the game (the ability to swap hero mid-game) much often to counter a certain enemy. The perfect example could be noticed in the final week of the OWL 2019 season at the match between Atlanta Reign and Dallas Fuel.  To break through the defensive setup of the Fuel Babybay was forced to swap his Reaper to the Symmetra. This choice shook anyone, Symmetra was the only hero that was not used at all during the whole season, but exactly in that situation, she was the excellent choice to cut through the enemy’s defense barriers.

With the latest update, Symmetra’s Photon Projector beam is now infinite while you are attacking barriers and that is insane buff. Atlanta used Symmetra because Fuel was gathered too close to each other and that creates a perfect opportunity for a Photon Projector to deal insane amounts of damage. Babybay and his team trapped enemies between Orisa’s shield and Mei’s Ice Wall and captured the point without excess forces. I already see how Symmetra is climbing from the bottoms straight to the GOD tier and the OWL broadcast team already said that she is the next Meta hero of the new Overwatch competitive season (Season 19), so be sure that you know how to counter her, otherwise, some boosters from would smite you down.

Another exciting moment was when Fuel player aKm switched from his signature hero, Reaper, to Pharah who are the unreachable target for Symmetra’s attacks and this move was brilliant, it forced Babybay to switch the hero again, this time he was forced to pick McCree, the hitscan hero, who are not feeling troubles in hunting the Pharah. These two players switched their heroes a couple more times during the match and that was the most interesting thing to watch. How two professional players are trying to find keys for defense gates of their enemy. In the GOATs age, such a thing as switching heroes was not possible due to the overall strategy and that is the reason why the game turned from dynamic FPS shooter in the mirroring game where similar teams crushed in each other.

That is the classic Overwatch in such a state, that was loved by everybody, from the players to the viewers. It is an incredibly interesting thing to watch, how two professional Overwatch players like Babebay and aKm with the deepest knowledge of the game itself, that mastered almost every DPS hero in the game are free to switch characters to find the best to fit their one-on-one duel.

But there is another reason why this addition is extremely good for every fan. The newest Command Center option for Twitch has a lot of interesting features but no fewer problems, but still, it provides the most effective way to quickly switch between professionals’ perspective and see the whole image. If you are looking from the in-game special section you could use the replay system to observe clutch-moments from any desired angle and in a slow-motion, which is extremely useful when a player is slaying everyone with the fast-paced hero like Genji or Tracer.