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Pearl – All About the Gemstone Which Stole Million Hearts!

If you are looking for a special gift for the special someone in your life then pearl jewellery would be your perfect choice. Pearl jewellery can bring a lovely smile on your girl’s face. Besides, there are some good jewellery stores online where you can find different varieties of pearl jewellery at a very reasonable price. Pearls are considered to be very lucky for June born people. Hence, if you are born in June then do wear a pearl pendant or a ring to invite good luck into your life.

Pearl Types

Cultured and natural pearls are the 2 different types of pearls. Besides, natural pearls are pearls which are formed naturally in oysters. The cultured pearls are generally created by the pearl farmers. One important thing which you should definitely know here is both the cultured and natural pearls are real pearls.

However, natural pearls will generally have more lustre and this is one of the reasons behind the popularity of natural pearls. Cultured pearls are further divided into different types and they are Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and etc.

# Cultured Pearl Types

Mentioned below is the list of different varieties of cultured pearls. All these cultured pearls look very attractive.

  • Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearl necklaces and earrings look extremely beautiful. Besides, these pearls are available in different shades like white, silver, golden, blue and etc. These pearls are little costly when compared to the other cultured pearl types because of their great lustre. Do try the Akoya pearl jewellery on your wedding day to look perfectly stunning.

  • Freshwater Pearls

These pearls are budget friendly and they are popular in the market for their softer lustre and shape. Besides, these pearls are available in different shades like pink, peach, lavender and etc. The baroque shaped freshwater pearls are more popular in the market for their unique appearance.

  • Tahitian Pearls

These pearls come in different shades like gold, black, brown and green. The black Tahitian pearl necklaces are very famous throughout the world.

Pick your favourite pearl jewellery from a good online store today and place your order to turn your looks lovely!