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Pennsylvania Roulette Takes a Spin at Parx Casino

Parx Casino has added Pennsylvania roulette to its large assortment of online casino games. This iconic casino gambling game can now be played at Parx Casino online for real money by all residents of Pennsylvania that are 21 years of age or older.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is a casino game that originated in France. In the game a ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel which contains numbers that are assigned colors of red, black, and green. Players can make bets on which number or color the ball will land on.

Online roulette is played in the same manner as live roulette. Players can make all the same bets and receive the same odds as they would in a live casino. Pennsylvania roulette is a game of chance that favors the lucky player.

How To Play Roulette at Parx

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games because it is so easy to learn and play. To begin the player should decide if they wish to play Pennsylvania roulette online for free or for real money. Both types of games are available.

Most players choose real money roulette because it gives them a chance to win money that can be withdrawn from the casino. The free games are more suited for practice and learning the game. Some real money games also use a live dealer. This allows players to observe the actions of the dealer in real time via a video stream.

Play begins with the bettor deciding which bets they wish to make. They can bet on one number or a block of them, odd or even numbers, or numbers of a specific color. Each bet has its own odds which correspond to the difficulty of the bet. As players are placing their wagers the wheel and ball are spun. As the ball nears the point of dropping no more bets are permitted.

Once the ball has dropped into a numbered slot the dealer will mark the number on the roulette board and pay those players who have made a winning wager.

Are the Parx Casino Pennsylvania Roulette Games Fair?

All online casino games at Parx Casino are regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The games use RNG software which guarantees a random result on every spin of the roulette wheel.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board licenses each casino in the state. Parx and other online casinos must comply with inspections to assure fairness in order to maintain their gaming license. Players can wager with confidence that they are being treated fairly at Parx.

Why Play Roulette Online at Parx Casino Instead of Live Casinos

Playing Pennsylvania Roulette online at Parx is preferred by many players over the roulette games in a live casino. Players appreciate the fact that they do not have to drive long distances to play roulette live. All they need to do is create an account with Parx and play from the comfort of home with a computer, phone, or tablet.

Playing roulette online also means that the player can avoid noisy live casino environments and unpleasant patrons. The graphics of an online casino give the player an authentic gaming experience, and some casinos even offer live dealer roulette.