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Protecting Sensitive Information through Mobile Text Archiving

Text message communication may be practical for the employer and the connections of its employees, but it also increases several hazards, including fraud and money laundering in the financial industry and non-compliance in governmental organizations.

Most Android mobile SMS sent by businesses and organizations are business-related messages; hence they must be stored to meet regulatory requirements. Regulatory bodies have established text message archiving rules to reduce the risks of texting while driving. To achieve compliance with such regulations, businesses must understand how to store and back up texts through Android archive text messages.

Here are some of the best ways to protect confidential information through mobile archiving:

  • Built-in SMS Backup and Restore – The new and improved system backup function from Google allows users of Android 8.0 to back up and restore the messages on their handsets.
  • Gmail Using SMS Backup+ – Android users can utilize SMS Backup+ to store their mobile SMS, MMS, and call log in their Gmail accounts. When archiving Android text messages, users can easily designate a specific Gmail label to find them later.
  • Android Built-in Feature– Without third-party software, users can archive their Android text conversations and recover them whenever they want using the app. They can clear out the clutter from their inboxes while keeping the topics they use.

The TeleMessage Mobile Archiver

Due to their reliance on individual employee efforts and lack of comprehensiveness and robustness, most backup techniques could be more effective for corporate and governmental organizations with multiple Android and iPhone users. This is especially true for organizations that are subject to regulations. Such firms must record SMS communications using a system that even archive iPhone text messages and store them in a secure cloud server and keep them for years.

In addition to complying with the numerous standards, the TeleMessage Mobile Archiver successfully addresses compliance, regulatory, and eDiscovery response requirements. It also lowers the risk associated with the financial industry and governmental regulations.

Businesses will no longer need to back up their text messages to maintain such information manually with TeleMessage. Employees of an enterprise can use our mobile archiver to send messages and save text messages on Android and iPhone devices securely.

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