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Story of a dirty Hari 2021 on aha

The modern world has witnessed rapid changes. This change leads to a better lifestyle as humans are required to accept these changes. With the help of evolution, Growth is achieved. In recent years technology has affected our life, evolving it in the era of smartphones and high-tech gadgets. The world seems like a click away from us. Modern problems need modern solutions.

In the year 2020, a massive problem knocked on everyone’s door. Coronavirus has affected each human being on this planet. Due to covid-19, we had to entrap ourselves inside our homes. During the wave of hatred and sorrow the world was getting drowned to the top. Entertainment was the only medium through which we could overcome this pandemic crisis.

Due to the pandemic, cinema halls and movie theatres are closed. New hope of happiness took command of the OTT platform. Also, the OTT platform allowed viewers to watch movies and web thrillers online. OTT platforms gave some masterpieces of art.

Telugu cinema is known for producing the finest movies. There was no OTT platform available for Telugu movies earlier. Aha launched recently is the only Telugu OTT platform present on the internet. Subscribers can either watch movies online or download them.

Here is the review on one of the most trending movies streaming on Aha, Dirty Hari

As per its name, Dirty Hari is an erotic movie. It has many bold and intimate scenes. It is the story of a chess player Hari who shifts to Hyderabad to achieve fame and money. Hari is both lusty and greedy. He has lots of dirty desires in his life. In the movie, Hari gets involved with two women simultaneously. Hari’s wife (Vasudha) desperately needs a child. Hari lives with her only because of her money. Later Hari meets his friend’s girlfriend (Jasmine) and gets flattered by her beauty. Hari lust over Jasmine’s hot body and desires to get her.

While Jasmine had some other ambitions and wanted to become a famous actress, to achieve her desires, she could do anything. Next, the movie is all about Hari’s affair with Jasmine and fulfilling his desires. In the end, Hari realizes his mistakes and learns to respect women.

To know the detailed climax and drama created throughout the movie. Visit the Aha OTT platform to watch Dirty Hari movie online. Subscribers can either watch movies online or download them and watch them later.

Aha had created several opportunities for upcoming artists. Aha is a very user-friendly site. It has a list of top trending movies and also movies based on vivid genres.

Aha gives new hopes to the Telugu film industry. Walking on the path of digitalization and virtual reality. Many exciting and thrilling web series are available on the Aha. Many stars had performed challenging roles in web thrillers. Celebrities have also tried dark parts to improve their artistic skills. After a few years, when we will witness the success of Telugu cinema, Aha may be one of the crucial reasons behind it.