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Things to Know About Driving Under the Influence

Recent research from Canada shows that an increasing number of Canadians behind the wheel are sedentary while under the influence of alcohol while drivers are on the decline. Driving under the influence is a criminal offence and dui lawyer toronto will share more details on this matter with you. It is a serious type of crime that can put you in jail for many years. But that is not the worst thing that can happen. You can injure yourself or injure other innocent people on the road.

The survey shows that 38% of those killed in traffic accidents were under the influence of some drug. The death toll of blood alcohol has halved since 1980 and now stands at 42%. The tests found that a third of drivers used some form of marijuana, while the presence of amphetamine was found in nearly 10% of deaths.

Use of marijuana for medical purposes is authorized in 23 US states, and for personal use in four other states, including Washington. By comparison, drug addiction has quadrupled in America since 1999.

The Transportation and Safety Administration’s report was cited as a confirmation of the rise in drug use: 22% of drivers stopped for checking or misconduct were positive for some kind of illegal drug or illegal drug.

The report states that drugs and drugs, whether legal or illegal, can significantly impair a person’s ability to drive a vehicle safely. This report is aimed at the federal government to pass traffic safety ordinances and laws similar to seatbelt and drunk driving regulations.

Recommendations addressed to federal and state agencies were also outlined:

  • educating drivers about the risks of driving under the influence of drugs
  • defining drug safety related traffic safety assessment laws
  • training for police, prosecutors and judges in drug driver cases
  • continued research on the impact of drugs on the ability to drive

Although research provides a wealth of data on the impact of drugs and medicines on traffic safety, the amount of a particular drug that would impair the ability to drive and the drug’s relationship itself remains unknown. The same goes for the amount of a particular drug. Is there any other way to check other than blood sampling?

As a conclusion of this research, it is stated that more stringent measures should be taken in the control of traffic safety relating to drivers under the influence of drugs or drugs, with a view to the safety of all road users.

We do not know how many drug drivers are on our streets, but it is undisputed that these recommendations and tips should also be applied in our country.

We remind drivers who use medication to take care of whether these medications affect their psychomotor impairment.

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