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Tips on After-Party Clean-Up

The holidays season is one of the most awaited times of the year. It means family reunions, gift-giving, decorations, and joyous music. It also means parties on every corner. Parties, however, could be tiresome for two reasons: preparation and cleaning up. Cleaning up after all the visitors have gone home could be a hassle for the party host that is also tired from last night’s party. Here are some tips that can help you in cleaning up your home after a party.

Take care of the leftovers first

Leftovers cannot be avoided at parties since you want to have enough food for everyone, it is understandable to make too much. You need to take care of leftovers first because food is sensitive, and leaving it out in the open for too long will cause it to spoil. There might still be some that is good to eat; inspect the leftover food, and transfer it to a smaller container to be put in the refrigerator. You can also opt to give it away to your neighbors, family, friends, and even homeless people. Spoiled food should be disposed of immediately if it has a bad odor. Put it in plastic bags and seal them properly to be disposed of later.

Wash the dishes

The next step to be done is washing the dishes. This could be one of the most difficult tasks since it may include oily pans and sticky sauce on plates. It will help if you rinse all your dishes first with hot water to remove oil and other substances that may have stuck on your utensils. Arrange them neatly on your counter or sink so you will have enough space to move and prevent breakage of your kitchenware. Wash the drinking glasses first as they have less dirt and are the easiest to wash. Follow these with the utensils, plates, and save the pans for last. It should be easier since you already removed any oils by rinsing them first with hot water.

Have a trash bag in hand

Most people use disposable materials for their parties, be it balloons, confetti, banners, paper plates, or paper cups. In general, parties generate tons of junk and trash. When you start cleaning, have a trash bag in hand so that you throw things directly into it as you walk around. This will save you energy since you won’t have to go back and forth to the trash can. Remove all the trash first before sweeping, wiping, or using your vacuum. If there is too much junk from your party and you want an easier way to dispose of it, you can hire the services of Evergreen Junk Removal to dispose of your after-party junk. They will haul and dispose of your garbage.

Host as many parties as you want without having to worry about cleaning up by following these tips. After all, the holiday season is about enjoying yourself.