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What are the Possible Future Cybersecurity Challenges?

The cybersecurity is keeping all the cyber systems specifically the internet-enabled devices free of malware and viruses so that the users of internet-enabled devices work without any risks. The cybersecurity in terms of security concerns also includes various applications, as well as software which are used by the users, are protected without any threats. On the other side, the more the advancement of technology the more are the cyber-attacks and threats with new and sophisticated techniques and methods of hackers. No cybercriminal ever has been caught for his or her malicious activities yet, and all of them have been very effectively capable of keeping themselves hidden and escape legal consequences for the criminal activities they have done and the enormous damage they have been causing across the world.

There are numerous cybersecurity challenges in the US as well as all over the world. Some of the devastating and most sophisticated cybersecurity challenges which have already performed and possibly be performed in the near future are machine learning cyber-attacks, ransomware attacks in new and sophisticated ways, IoT attacks, cryptojacking and hacking in the blockchain, and two-factor authentication and weak passwords.

Everybody knows that machine learning is one of the most useful as well as an essential technology to process data. Machine learning helps enormously in processing a large amount of data and adjust algorithm as well as detecting malfunctioning. In addition to this, machine learning also helps in terms of accuracy and faster performance. The cyber attackers have prioritised machine learning for attacking it because it is one of the potential threat for their malicious activities especially because of the quick performance and accuracy characteristics of machine learning.

Similarly, another future threat by the hackers is the ransomware attacks which already happening massively and has high possibilities occurring more intensively with more sophisticated ways. Besides the ransomware, the IoT-based attacks are speculated to get more largely experienced in the near future through a more devastating way.

The IoT has already established itself on a massive way around the world, and there are billions of IoT-enabled devices both at homes and workplaces everywhere. The attackers have already caused massive damages in the past through IoT attacks, and there is high possibilities continuing the same by targeting more costly IoT devices. The cyptojacking is a new trend of hackers due to the plenty of vulnerabilities in the cryptocurrency industry and dependence of blockchain on the ability of computer and internet applications.