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Are You Aware of Pros and Cons of Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Today, there are so many options available for flooring that any average consumer can easily get confused while choosing them for their floor renovation. In this write up, we shall discuss only vinyl plank flooring and its pros and cons so that an average consumer can make an informed decision.

These days, vinyl plank flooring has become quite popular in both residential as well as commercial applications. If you need to find local tradies for installing these floorings then you can refer to ‘Bleen’ where all different kinds of service providers are categorized so that you can easily find someone from your own area.

Now let us discuss various pros and cons of a vinyl plank flooring in the following paragraphs.

Pros of vinyl plank flooring

1.     100% moisture resistant

You will find vinyl plank flooring is 100% water-resistant and hence any water and spills will not affect your flooring. Hence, this will be an ideal flooring option for kitchen, bathrooms, basements, restaurants, and cafes.

2.     The commercial-grade wear layer

It is quite durable with any commercial-grade wear layers, which is suitable for withstanding heavy traffic.

3.     Antistatic

Vinyl plank flooring has got antistatic properties and will be suitable where you have such requirements.

4.     Can be used on granite, cement, tile, laminate, and few other flat subfloors

You can conveniently find local flooring companies to install them on any cement, tile, granite, laminate, and few other flat subfloors.

5.     DIY Installation

You can install vinyl flooring on any subfloor and people who prefer a DIY installation can easily install with a click-lock, and glue-down installation method.

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6.     Variety of decor options

There are plenty of décor options available. You can find local carpet companies from the Flooring Domain site for installing carpets.

7.     Low maintenance and easy to clean

Most homeowners and business owners love it for its durability and easy maintainability. All you need is regular sweeping and mopping weekly.

8.     Options for any budget

Because of its affordability and durability, you can easily afford them even if your budget is not too big.

Cons of vinyl plank flooring

1.     Difficult to remove after glued down

If you have already glued down the vinyl plank flooring, then the removal process will be very difficult for any local contractors.

2.     Can be punctured with any sharp objects

Vinyl flooring gets easily punctured with any sharp objects like a kitchen knife, metal leg chairs, etc. Besides punctures, certain types of vinyl may get dented easily with heavy objects.

3.     Not biodegradable

Those who are environmentally conscious consumers will find that vinyl plank floorings are not biodegradable as it is very difficult to get recycled.

4.     With excessive UV exposure, it can get faded and discoloured

Also, vinyl plank flooring has got a different top-coat rather than a laminate. This kind of top-coat may not be UV resistant and you may find them getting faded or discoloured over a period of time.

So, if you must avoid installing vinyl in any room, which is likely to get more sunlight during the day.