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Experience the Best of French Bulldog for a Perfect Companion

Behind his hound-like appearance, the French bulldog is a cheerful, playful, sociable and very intelligent little dog. It is the perfect buddy both for youngsters and older people. It is very well adapted to the city’s apartment life.

Description and Characteristics of the French bulldog

The Frenchie Dog is a small dog that resembles a mastiff. His body is powerful and muscular with a broad, square head, recognizable by its folds and wrinkles. He has large, round, dark eyes. Its tail is short and often twisted. The very short and soft coat of the French bulldog is fawn in color with discontinuous stripes of different colors if it is a brindle French bulldog. It may also be speckled with black.

Origin of the French bulldog

The French Bulldog was born from crosses made at the end of the 19th century in the working-class districts of Paris between English bulldogs and terriers in order to obtain a dog of small size. Used as a guard dog, the French bulldog was at that time the favorite dog of butchers and wine merchants whose warehouses he watched. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been adopted by the wealthy for its intelligence and liveliness. It is one of the most common dogs today.

Character and Behavior Of The French bulldog: Who Is It For?

The French bulldog is valued for its gentle, sociable and playful character. It is an ideal playmate for children. Its softness also makes it a very good pet for the elderly, especially since it does not need a lot of physical exercise. He is a dog very attached to his master and he is ready to defend him and his family if he senses danger. The French bulldog is very seductive. Its cohabitation with other animals is easy, except when it is about another male of its kind.

How to Take Care Of Your French bulldog: His Needs

The French bulldog is very well suited to apartment living, although it appreciates the space of a garden. But he does not need large spaces because intense physical activity is not necessary for him. It is a dog that can be left alone if enough time is given to walk it and involve it in family life.

The French bulldog is an easy dog ​​to train thanks to its intelligence and sensitivity, provided you use firmness and gentleness. It is important to teach him from an early age not to develop characteristics of his own such as being jealous and possessive. On the maintenance side, the French bulldog does not require too much special care due to its short coat.