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How Safe Is A VPN Network?

Every time you log on to a website, your computer sends a request to your internet provider`s DNS server or to a third party DNS service( Google, Yahoo) to interpret then name of a site e.g., into an IP address like Regrettably, all these logs of internet surfing are collected by ISPs and third-party vendors, exclusive of your knowledge. They may sell it to others legally or otherwise. You may get blocked from accessing some sites by not processing the DNS request your computer sent.

VPN solves this problem

But when you are accessing a web site or service through a VPN, this problem does not arise. As they do not log a single URL or IP address. The DNS server of VPN networks are recursive; your request is not forwarded to the third party. The VPN app installed in your computer mechanically instructs your computer DNS resolver to use VPN`s personal DNS server. For more protection against DNS leaks, a VPN firewall are used. This firewall authorizes communication with the VPN DNS server only, eliminating any DNS leaks. The DNS servers are recursive in nature, so your browsing history is never logged or shared. Neither can it be tracked down.

Freedom unlimited

The VPN service providers in Taiwan ensure a free and open internet. The DNS server of them does not confine your access to any website. Your freedom and confidentiality is never compromised. They have a DNS server in every location; choose the nearest one to eliminate latency. They thrive on giving you the best possible experience and freedom of browsing. As the DNS server does not follow your DNS requests, the history of browsing, it has no trail to trace. Moreover, their DNS server is only accessible through the VPN network, eliminating any intrusion and interference.

Ultimate Privacy policy

They do not log your internet activity while connecting or connected. Your IP address or connection are not recorded, neither your DNS requests nor browsing activity. The essential information required for billing and maintaining accounts are stored in different internal servers. They share your information with only law enforcement agencies or Government if they request for it. They do not pass any information to the third party as they adhere to the strict privacy policy. Most of the service providers of VPN 推薦 do not advertise on the internet or social media as a surveillance model of business. No question is asked if you want a refund of money within a stipulated period after registration.