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How To Design A Wedding Invitation

A wedding day is a display of one’s love story, and you can highlight this story with a unique invitation. In this article, we will explore how to design wedding invitations for your occasion.

Select A Size And Printer

The first step to creating a wedding invitation is picking a size, shape, and place to print the card. These details will provide you with a lot of information, and make the designing process stress-free since you have variables to work with.

Also, opt for a suitable printer. If you need a distinctive element like foiling or letterpress, this is the moment to choose a spot that accommodates the printing request. You can either use a local print shop or get invitations printed and delivered online to you. However, not all print shops are able to conduct all the process.

Designing A Visual Theme

When making wedding invitation designs (desain undangan pernikahan, which is the term in Indonesia), try to make use of a color theme that will carry into the occasion itself. Elements of design, including typography, color, and other styles, could be also used for the event from signage to table cards. You can make custom “thank you” cards for guests that were present in the occasion.

Collect Assets Or Images

Start collecting assets or images, if you are not heading I the template route.

Many couples opt for a theme that is  based on the destination of the wedding, whereas others go for a photo on the invitation. No matter your choice of preference, collect images that will be part of the design of your wedding invitation.

Find The Ideal Typeface

The fonts used on invitation cards matters a lot. While deciding on typefaces, you should also put the words which will be on the card into consideration. Select a typeface that flows according to your letters. Most times, a good font does not look the way you want with a letter combination.