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The Special Wedding Time and the Limo Options That You Will Choose

Whether you are with your partner or with your family or witnesses, a limousine will provide you with comfort and modernity for a journey with the driving of a driver in a totally safe way.For a luxurious wedding: think of a white limousine that will enhance your wedding dress. If it is a classic wedding you can choose a black limousine and if you want a more original ceremony you can opt for a colored limousine. In turn you can find pink limousines that can be used for bachelorette parties.

The Right Choices That You Can Make Now

Although the bride and groom are the absolute protagonists in weddings, there is no doubt that it is the bride who makes the greatest impression when she sees her arrive at the church or the place where the ceremony will be held, first to see her dresses and other accessories, but also because the way to get to that special moment.

  • The custom is to arrive in an old car to give that touch of distinction to the event , as long as it is in the city.
  • If the wedding is held in the country or on the beach, the bride can arrive by another means of transport or even on foot, but in this space we are going to talk about cars for weddings which can be modern or old. The detail of the wedding car is something unique, special and will make that occasion unique and wonderful.

The Experts can decorate the car

In previous years wedding cars were decorated in a slightly bizarre way, with large white bows on the front doors at the front and back with bows, even large flowers. Currently the trend is rather minimalist, giving all the prominence to the car for the wedding, because they are authentic jewels that are well worth showing in their entire splendor.However, it is up to the bride or groom to decorate the car or not. The Toronto Wedding Limo service is the best option when it comes to the perfect limos. Hiring them will surely bring the best of the occasion so far transportation is concerned.

Ideas to decorate the car

As for vintage wedding cars, it is generally customary to place small floral bouquets on the door handles and may be accompanied by discreet white bows.

In some cases, a large bouquet of flowers is placed behind the back seat of the vehicle, which looks very nice in the photos when the bride and groom go to the reception.

The bride and groom can also do without the flowers and place small bows in strategic places in the car for weddings. It is good to remember that the wedding car comes with a driver dressed for the occasion and a bottle of champagne with the respective glasses for the bride and groom, and these in turn are decorated in a similar way to the vehicle.

Small arrangements can also be made with small balloons, taking into account that they are in trend.

Limos for your wedding

When it comes to wedding cars, limousines take the lead and have always been considered the vehicle par excellence for such a beautiful occasion for being classic and timeless.It is a very large and luxurious vehicle, typical of Hollywood red carpets and can have up to ten doors.

Also, inside they are a true luxury because they have a minibar, air conditioning, excellent music equipment and even neon lights and DVD screens. And many people can be inside, a good example would be: the bride, her father and the courtship.