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The popularity of Rummy Game in India

Rummy comes under the category of oldest card games in India with a rich historical legacy. There are various reasons for validating the popularity of online rummy in India. Believed to have originated from Conquian,the Mexican card game, Rummy came to India with the advent of the Mughals. A common sighting on festive occasions,Rummy game brings family members together to play the game as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

However, the popularity of rummy has increased manifold in recent times with the introduction of various online rummy portals. The facility to play rummy on desktop and mobile apps brought in more players. So, how did rummy become so popular in the last few years? Let us outline some of the reasons for the popularity of online rummy in India.

Legal Status of Rummy

The Supreme Court of India cited rummy as a skill-based game in a landmark ruling in 1967. Therefore, playing rummy is completely legal in India and does not come under the definition of gambling. The judgment by the apex court dissolved all apprehensions that had been holding back many players over generations. In addition, Indian society is becoming gradually liberal without any second thoughts about playing a rummy game with cash.

Rising Adoption of Smartphone and Internet

The massive adoption rate of smartphones is also another potential reason for validating the popularity of rummy all over India. Furthermore, internet accessibility has improved considerably in the last few years. As a result, players have multiple platforms to play the rummy game without investing additional costs. With a basic smartphone model and a good and reliable internet connection, you can enjoy the thrill of rummy.

The online portals for playing rummy also offer many unique benefits that also play a crucial role in the increasing popularity of rummy. For example, chat functionalities on popular online rummy portals can add a ‘social’ touch to the gaming experience of players. Most important of all, online rummy portals bring real players, thereby providing an interactive gaming experience for users.

Flexibility for Playing

Online rummy portals are always available for playing rummy. If you wake up in the middle of the night without any intention of going back to sleep, then you can just log into your favorite online rummy portal and start playing. Who wouldn’t love a game they can play anytime, anywhere they want?

Assurance of Safety

The opportunities to win cash in a rummy game are also valid reasons for its massive popularity. Players also have the assurance of secure payment and withdrawal options on renowned online rummy portals. Therefore, the prospects to win real cash on a virtual platform tend to attract more players every day to online rummy.

Just Like the Usual Rummy

Online rummy has gained considerable popularity in recent times due to its similarity with conventional rummy. The rules and format of rummy on online portals are the same as the traditional one. So, it is easier for players to make the switch to online portals for playing rummy.


On a concluding note, we can observe the various reasons for the popularity of rummy in the discussion mentioned above. The introduction of online rummy, the legality of rummy, and the adoption of smartphone technology are the prominent reasons for rummy’s popularity. Don’t you want to join the trend? Pick up your phone and download a rummy app right now!