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Talking About Human Rights

Human rights are basic rights and freedoms inherent to all human beings, regardless of nationality, race, sex, religion, or how you choose to live your life. Human rights can never be taken away, and are based on shared values such as equality, respect, and independence among others, these values are protected by the law. Even when today human rights are often respected and protected under the Universal Declaration of human rights it has not always been like that. It took a lot of struggle to get to where we are today.

A Look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a milestone document, whose objective is to help the international community to have freedom and equality. However, it was not the first document discussing human rights. In 539 BC, the Cyrus Cylinder was written. It is considered one of the first human rights documents ever. It is a cylinder of clay full of the written account of the conquest of the city of Babylon by Cyrus the Great, who freed all of the slaves in Babylon instead of using them to his advantage.

Human Rights Defenders at a Glance

Today human rights defenders such as Mohamed Soltan, Michel Forst, and Sophie Beau act to promote and peacefully protect human rights. They act to reach goals such as all human rights for all, investigating and reporting human rights violations, supporting victims of human rights violations, and making possible the implementation of human rights treaties among others.

Digitals Tools to Protect Human Rights

Today we live in a digital era. Technological advances and the massive use of social media have changed several ways how we exchange information. Digital tools and the global availability of information have brought people together. The resources available to us today, such as social media, are often used by human rights defenders. This is the case of Mohamed Soltan, for example, who shared his struggles with his followers on many social media platforms. It is because he knows how useful these digital tools can be when they are used properly.

The Role of Non-governmental Organizations in Protecting Human Rights

Non-governmental or non-profit organizations play an essential role in human rights activism. These activities are often led by human rights defenders so they play a crucial role in reaching fighting against human rights violations and promoting human rights and protecting those vulnerable. They are not only important because of the goals that they can reach but also because they play an essential role in transmitting optimism of fighting for a good cause to the people around the world.

Bottom Line

Protecting and promoting knowledge about human rights are ways to protect the rights of individuals all over the world. Fighting for these rights is essential because it’s not just for the benefit of people here and now, but also for all future generations. Fighting peacefully for our inherited rights and freedoms will always be the right choice and an appropriate use of our time and energy.