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Why is it Important to Hire a Customs Broker in the US?

Customs and Border Protection or CBP of the United States has imposed a customs bond on importing goods valuing more than $2500. The CBP bond is a legal document that is mainly used for importing the goods in the US. The bond ensures that you have paid all the necessary taxes, fees, etc. that are owed to the government. It also pertains to other federal agencies’ requirements. An authorized customs clearing agent will make the entire process easy for you and to acquire the CBP bond with ease too. For every importer, it is nearly impossible to gather all the necessary info about the customs bond, so they must hire a customs clearing agent to make this process a smooth ride. They will help the importer to clear the goods with ease. Customs broker is an authorized party and is duly licensed by the CBP. They help in accomplishing all the processes right from the beginning to the end of the export import affair, including the ClearitUSAfbafreight forwarding. You can rely completely on your broker. It just makes the process easy for you and is not mandatory for every importer to hire one.

They help in getting your goods cleared from customs

If you don’t hire a customs broker, then you need to have all the knowledge about the policies and processes of the CBP. The policies are based on the goods being imported mostly. So the importer must be well acquainted with everything to obtain the CBP bond with no hassles.

Firstly, you would need to file the entry level docs with the port director of the place where the goods are kept. This makes the entry of the shipment legal on the port. Then the CBP authorizes the delivery of the merchandize, and the estimated amount of the duties and fees are paid. With no agent, the importer has to arrange and look after all the processes and the necessary arrangements to be made for the examination and release of the merchandize.

Apart from CBP, you may also be held accountable for approaching other relevant agencies for permissions and licenses. The certificate or clearance needed for doing business of imported goods must be obtained from state or local authorities. So always be apprised of the particular authorizes and obtain the necessary licenses, certificates etc. If you import frequently, then you need to get a continuous bond. It can be obtained from the entry port from where the goods are imported.